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What is bioethanol?

Bioethanol is a liquid fuel made from biodegradable waste. This makes a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels such as natural…

How to spring clean your woodburner

It is important to clean your wood burning or multi-fuel stove at the end of periods of use – a…


Have you heard about the roundest new product on the block this year? The ME stove from Nordpeis is small…

How to identify good firewood

Homeowners are considering burning wood as it is better in environmental terms as the amount of carbon dioxide released into…

Stove Safety: 11 tips to avoid a stove-related fire in your home

Tips: before you buy 1 First and foremost, make sure you buy your stove from a specialist – if the supplier…

How can I burn right?

If you want more information on how to burn right and using your stove or fire correctly, here is a…

Wood burning stove or Inset Fire – 5 Reasons why you need them in your life!

1. Watching flames dance over crackling logs creates a relaxing ambience that’s difficult to beat! Flames have a natural, mesmerising beauty…

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