Gazco Arosa & Cerreto Electric Fires

Gazco Arosa & Cerreto Electric Fires

cerreto in living room

HOS welcomes the All-new Gazco eStudio Arosa & Cerreto 140 Electric Fire Suites

Looking for a flat-wall-fix wall mounted electric fire to bring some fireside ambience into your home? Introducing the all-new Gazco eStudio Arosa and Cerreto 140 electric fire suites.

New to the Gazco eStudio electric fire range are two exciting new wall mounted fires; the Arosa 140 and Cerreto 140 electric fire suites.

Designed to offer a flat-wall-fix that’s perfect for homes such as new builds with no existing fireplace, these sleek designer wall mounted electric fires are perfect to create a complete centrepiece with minimal effort or building costs.

cerreto in living room

Immersive flame and lighting effects

The eStudio Arosa and Cerreto 140 both deliver a mesmerising flame picture and life-like log effect with realistic glass burnt embers. Tailor the look with a choice of three different flame colour options including Amber & Yellow, Amber with Yellow Accent or Yellow with Amber Accent to find the style you prefer.


For authentic appeal, the Arosa and Cerreto’s log effect and glass burnt embers are illuminated below by Gazco’s advanced Chromalight® Immersive LED systems, to create the ultimate display. Offering a choice of 13 different fuel bed lighting colours plus a spectrum mode, you’ll also have the freedom to create your own unique ambience.

Contemporary aesthetics

With their open-fronted design, eStudio Arosa and Cerreto 140 electric fires both offer a minimalist aesthetic whether opting for the subtle profile of the Arosa, or the more elliptical curve of the Cerreto suite. Whichever you choose, both of these modern electric fire suites are available in either wall mounted or floor mounted options, depending on your installation preference.

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LED downlighting and floor-lighting

Complete the look with the mood-enhancing downlighting and floor-lighting on the Arosa and Cerreto 140, which add a splash of colour to further tailor the aesthetic of these open-fronted electric fire suites. Offering a choice of 13 vibrant colours or the spectrum mode, this ambient lighting system can be enabled as desired to provide an additional layer of ambience.

lighting effects electric fire

Programmable thermostatic heating

Both eStudio Arosa and Cerreto 140 electric fire suites come equipped with Gazco’s advanced Programmable Thermostatic Eco remote control, which provides full control over these stunning designer fireplaces.

Using the remote allows you to utilise the many options on offer, including switching between flame and fuel bed lighting colours and brightness levels, and programming your electric fire to follow a daily or weekly heating schedule.

The eStudio Arosa and Cerreto 140 can raise the room’s temperature within the heating range of 15°C and 25°C degrees. Simply set your desired temperature using the remote handset and let your electric fire suite do the rest. With handy Ecodesign energy saving features such as Open Window Detection, these beautiful electric fire suites are designed to be as energy efficient as possible.

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