Introducing the Arada Bold Edit: Add Splash of Colour to Your new Wood Burner!

Introducing the Arada Bold Edit: Add Splash of Colour to Your new Wood Burner!

wood burning stoves with wild colours


In the world of home heating, the traditional image that comes to mind is often that of a classic, metallic or black wood burner. But what if you could infuse a burst of colour into your living space with a vibrant stove? House of Stoves is thrilled to introduce the “Bold Edit” from Arada Stoves, a collection that’s redefining the aesthetics of wood burners.

Peapod Green.

– Arada Bold

Raincoat Yellow.

– Arada Bold

A Palette of Possibilities

The Bold Edit is not just about heating; it’s about making a statement. With seven striking colours to choose from, including Atlantic, Chestnut, and Mist, there’s a hue for every interior design palette. Whether you’re looking for a serene blue to complement a coastal-themed room or a bold red to stand out in a contemporary setting, the Bold Edit has got you covered.

More Than Just Looks

While the colours are undoubtedly the stars of the show, these stoves come with the quality and efficiency that Arada Stoves is renowned for. Crafted with precision, each stove in the Bold Edit range ensures optimal heat output, making those chilly evenings a thing of the past.

Flaming Pink.

– Arada Bold

Miami Blue.

– Arada Bold

Perfect for the Modern Home

The sleek design and vibrant colours of the Bold Edit make it perfect for modern homes looking to break away from the norm. Whether you have a minimalist urban apartment or a chic countryside cottage, these stoves will seamlessly fit in while adding a touch of flair.

Eco-Friendly Heating

In line with Arada’s commitment to the environment, the Bold Edit stoves are not just beautiful but also eco-friendly. Designed for clean burning, they ensure reduced emissions, making them a sustainable choice for your home heating needs.

The Bold Edit by Arada Stoves is a testament to the fact that functionality and style can go hand in hand. Ready to add a pop of colour to your home? Explore the vibrant range of the Bold Edit on House of Stoves and find the perfect stove that resonates with your style.

Discover the world of colourful heating with the Bold Edit. Dive in now on House of Stoves!

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