Dimplex Hub WiFi/Ethernet

Dimplex Hub WiFi/Ethernet



Dimplex Hub – Required to connect supported RF products to Dimplex Control

About Dimplex Control

Dimplex Hub provides connectivity and control by:

  • Creating a radio frequency network that supported Dimplex products can join
  • Allowing connected Dimplex products to send and receive commands
  • Enabling quick setup using the Dimplex Control app step-by-step wizardDimplex Hub acts as the bridge between radio frequency (RF) Dimplex products* and the Dimplex Control Cloud server. This Hub connects via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

    Technical Specifications

    Product model number: DimplexHub EAN: 5011139065698

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Product Description

For use with Dimplex Control App….Complete Comfort Control

The Dimplex Control App allows you to remotely monitor and manage your Dimplex Products* to ensure optimum performance and comfort.

Dimplex Control allows you to group heaters into zones to track and adjust their usage. Any time, Anywhere.

To connect to your Dimplex products* using the Dimplex Control App, you will also need a Dimplex Hub and for certain products a Radio Frequency Module (RFM).

Intelligent features and benefits…

  • Easy set-up with a step-by-step wizard. Simple connect your product* to a Dimplex Hub and gain control through the app
  • Zoned control for quick views and changes to your heating modes
  • Remote access Monitor and control your heating from anywhere in the world using the Dimplex Control App** and a mobile data connection
  • Utilise Bluetooth to communicate directly with the Hub. This makes setup quick and never requires you to leave the app during setup**


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