Dru Virtuo Evolve 180 – 3 Side

Dru Virtuo Evolve 180 – 3 Side




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The Dru Virtuo Evolve 180 – 3 side: the impressive, widescreen electric fire. Being electric, It offer you the full 3D fire experience without the emissions. The experience is reflected in everything: A realistic log fire effect, A pleasant warmth, and crackling sound. You can be reassured that it is incredibly sustainable and have no combustion, emissions, or exhaust gases to contend with.

That is why It is known as the fireplace of the future, so bask in the warm glow and dancing flames of your new Dru Virtuo Evolve electric fire.

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Product Description

Dru Virtuo Evolve 180 – 3 Side Features:

Realistic flame pattern.

Thanks to its natural logs and realistic flame pattern, the Dru Virtuo Evolve looks virtually identical to a gas or wood burning fire.

Plug-and-play system.

You can easily install the Dru Virtuo Evolve anywhere in your home, with no chimney or flue connections. One standard domestic electrical socket is all you need to enjoy this beautiful fireplace.


Because it runs on electricity, the Dru Virtuo Evolve requires hardly any maintenance.

Heating element.

You can enjoy the Virtuo Evolve with or without heating, with its easily controlled heat function.

Flame picture

• Flames – In addition to the two standard log fire flame effects, you can download multiple flame images using the DRU Fire app.

• Glow bed – The glow bed has five standard patterns. Light intensity and speed are adjustable using the DRU Fire app.

• Enhanced atmosphere – An additional LED lighting strip at the top of the fire enhances the depth and intensity of the flame and glow effects.


• Log set – Rustic and authentic logs that augment the 3D effect of the fireplace.

• Fire bed – Realistic coals and chips with natural glowing embers.

• Rib cast interior finish – A sleek, modern look thanks to the rib cast interior.


• Sound – The sound of crackling wood enhances the complete fireplace experience.

• Heating – Optional 1 or 2 kW heating element for rapid warming.

• Control – Easily control the fire with the remote control or smartphone/ tablet using the DRU app.




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