Faber e-Slim Linear 2200/450 1 Electric Fire

Faber e-Slim Linear 2200/450 1 Electric Fire


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Faber e-Slim Linear 2200/450. | Slimline. |  3D optimyst Flame  |  Real log effect. | Ultrawide

Looking for a Linear fire? Then Dimplex now has the solution! Available in 3 different sizes, so fits in every room! Forget about ventilation and heat, because the flames are made of pure water vapour and RGB light. Flames that you can reach, change colour and even touch. The innovative Optimyst® Linear Cassette models redefine the electric fireplace and allow you to add fire function to any room, with stunning realism. For any concept you have in mind – for any location. The possibilities are simply endless. The perfect opportunity to play with fire!

  • With adjustable top lighting for extra lighting on the fire, set in 5 colours.
  • Can be connected to a main water supply, water reservoir and a pump
  • Bluetooth remote and Flame connect app
  • With newly developed decoration logset and chips

In short: 100% safe, fascinating and fully 3-dimensional flames. Unique and always different!

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Product Description

Faber e-Slim Linear 2200/450 Features

• Unique three-dimensional fire image

• Adjustable multi-colour top lighting and flame colour

• Energy efficient, 0% emissions, 100% fire image

• No flue gas discharge required

• Installation can be done almost anywhere, low installation depth

• Patented Comfort$aver heating system (max. 2 kW)

• Ultimate ease of use; manually, with remote control or app

• Available in 3 widths, up to more than 2 meters fire image


flames with blue background

Our latest water vapour technology

e-SliM Linear Burner

The fire view of the new e-SliM Linear has the same origin as that of our e-MatriX fireplaces. The combination of swirling cold water vapour and special (LED) lighting creates 100% safe, fascinating and completely 3-dimensional flames. Unique and always different! Furthermore, the e-Slim Linear features an adjustable multicolour fire view and top lighting.

electric fire girl with coffee

Built-in heat

Comfort$aver technology

The e-SliM Linear comes standard with the patented Comfort$aver technology, whereby the appliance keeps the room at the desired temperature so energy-efficiently. The heat reaches you through the glass of the fireplace, creating a pleasant, indirect glow. This heating can be controlled separately from the fire, via the control panel, the remote control or the Flame Connect app.


electric fire app control

Adjustable mood lighting

Determine your own style and atmosphere with light

Both the colour of the ‘flames’ and the top lighting in the e-SliM Linear can be set in many colours, matching the desired style or atmosphere. Choose from eight built-in mood lighting themes or create your own favorite. Whatever your choice, thanks to the LED lighting, energy consumption is minimal. The e-SliM Linear can be operated on the fireplace, with the supplied remote control or the specially developed Flame Connect App.


water drop


A water pump kit can also be ordered especially for the e-Matrix and e-SliM Linear, which makes it possible to install these fireplaces without a central water connection. With the help of a separate reservoir and this water pump, this makes it possible to install the e-MatriX and E-SliM Linear even if no central water connection is possible.

electric fire logs

Ceramic Logset

Our ceramic logs decoration set is of very high quality and can hardly be distinguished from the real thing. With the ceramic log set you opt for a timelessly classic look for your fireplace. This high-quality classic decoration set is the standard in all our fireplaces and fits into any interior.

Exterior dimensions WxHxD in mm

2230 x 800 x 300

Fire display WxHxD in mm

2190 x 440


e-SliM burner


Log set

Back walls

Back wall smooth steel


Via Flame Connect app and
Bluetooth remote


1,3 kW

Heating functionality





230-240 V

Water Consumption

0,6 l/h

Water pressure

0,5-8 Bar

Water connection

1/2” – 3/4”


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Faber e-Slim 2200/450 Product Sheet