FreePoint Flos 6 Airtight Pellet Stove

FreePoint Flos 6 Airtight Pellet Stove




Freepoint Flos 6 Airtight Pellet Stove | 6kw

  • Compact & Contemporary Design
  • Cast iron top, door and base
  • Cast iron fire chamber
  • cast iron brazier with ceramic spark plug
  • Airtight stove
  • Bi-Flux up exhaust outlet
  • Easy Start technology
  • Silent mode available
  • Daily and weekly setting
  • Wifi & Bluetooth
  • Size: (WxHxD) 609 x 697 x 581
  • Tank Capacity: 10kg

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Product Description

Freepoint Flos 6 Airtight Pellet Stove Features:

The Freepoint Flos 6 kw Airtight pellet stove with reduced dimensions. It features compact and contemporary shapes with a great view of fire flames as wood-fire stoves. Cast iron top, door and base. Cast iron fire chamber and cast iron brazier with ceramic spark plug and Easy Start technology to easily ignite the pellet. Bi-Flux up exhaust outlet. Silent mode available with natural convection. Daily and weekly setting also through your smartphone with the integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology.
Heatable m³: max 168


The technology for airtight stoves directly connects them to the external air inlet to draw combustion air from the outdoors and grant higher performance values. Wall mounted ventilation grilles are not required and cool air does not come into the room. Airtight stoves can be installed in passive houses or energy efficient houses.


An innovative and airtight combustion chamber with two steel shells creating a single surface for larger heat exchange and higher performance.

Easy Start

The technology to improve and optimise the air distribution in the brazier while easing the ignition of the pellets, even in case of residual moisture.

Living Fire

All FreePoint models featuring this technology are equipped with a round cast iron brazier granting better ventilation and a nice flame.


The Silent mode option sets the stove to work with no forced ventilation. This setting can provide maximum Silent in the room and natural heat convection. All FreePoint Air, Air Plus and Young Line stoves can work with no forced ventilation (with reduced power).

Smart Heat

This system turns on the stove and smartly adjust its power and ventilation according to the target heating temperature in the room(s).


Through Wi-FI and Bluetooth you can access all the features of FreePoint pellet stoves comfortably from your smartphone.

Easy Connect Plus App

At a glance you can view the main operating data of your stove and program daily and weekly switching on/off, as well as set the desired temperature, optimising pellet consumption and comfort.



kW Output




As Standard

Hopper Capacity


Heatable m³

Min 78
Max 168


Min 7 h
Max 14 h

Power Consumption

86 W

Exhaust outlet

Ø 80 mm



Energy Efficiency Class





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