Kalor Denia 14D Wood Pellet Ductable Air Stove

Kalor Denia 14D Wood Pellet Ductable Air Stove


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The Kalor Denia 14D is a large ductable air stove which delivers heat to the room in which it is situated and up to 2 more rooms, via the integrated heat ducts. With a maximum heat output of ca. 13.5kW, the Denia is ideal for larger spaces but this impressive output can be reduced to as little as ca. 3.5kW when room temperature is satisfactory.

A Ductable Air Stove is similar to a standard Air Stove but the heat produced can be “ducted” to two other rooms via simple ducts at the rear of the stove.

The Denia 14D is unique in that it offers 3 separate ambient fans, one for the room in which the stove is situated and one for each duct. This means that the user has ultimate control of each “zone” and fantastic power to move the heated air.

Boasting a sleek and modern design but with with simple, clean lines, the Denia 14D comes from the popular Cayenne range of Kalor stoves. The advanced LCD display gives the user huge flexibilty of control but is simple and intuitive to use. Offering incredible combustion efficiency of up to 98%, the Denia 14D is a market leader in more ways than one!

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Product Description

Kalor Denia 14D Features:

  • Two separate heat ducts to share heat with 2 other rooms
  • Up to a whopping 8m duct distance for additional heat ducts!
  • Sleek, modern design with simple, clean lines
  • Highest efficiency in class – Kalor Cayenne line – 98%!
  • Large viewing glass
  • Advanced steel structure, hand welded for optimum performance
  • Removable, air tight ash box
  • Programmable LCD control panel
  • Various timed programmes possible
  • Thermostatic control
  • Five-step power setting
  • Remote Control as standard
  • Choice of colours
  • Remote access control via Smartphone App using home Wi-Fi (optional)

 Wood pellet stove for space heat only 

Option to duct heat into two additional rooms (7 – 8m max.) 

Average Thermal Heat Input (Min – Max): 3.8 – 13.2kW 

Performance Efficiency (Min – Max): 94.8 – 98.0% 

Nominal Overall Power Yield (Min – Max): 3.7 – 12.5kW 

Approx. Heating Capacity – Poor Insulation: 60 – 200m3 

Approx. Heating Capacity – Good Insulation: 180 – 600m3 

Pellet Consumption (Min – Max): 0.8 – 2.7kg/hr 

Pellet Tank Capacity: 23kg 

Approx. burn time (Min – Max): 8.5 – 29hrs 

Flue Outlet Diameter: 80mm 

Electrical Requirement (working): 150W 

Electrical Requirement (starting): 300W 

Net Weight: 105kg 

Dimensions (H x W x D): 1,015 x 495 x 580mm 

Specifications & products may change at any time & without notice 

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