Have you heard about the roundest new product on the block this year? The ME stove from Nordpeis is small and elegant, yet big inside.

 The idea with ME is that everyone should be able to find their favourite, says Ingvild Wasbotten Mørk, Product Designer at Nordpeis. Together with designer Karoline Sandnes Bommen at Montaag, she created the ME stove.

– The design process was actually initially inspired by the round shape of the ventilation system in a gym, and we carried this idea forward as we came up with a round combustion chamber, says Mørk.

The idea resulted in the ME fireplace, a round stove offering many opportunities.

Seven design expressions

ME consists of a series of stoves where you can choose from seven different design expressions enabling you to adapt it your personal style and your own home. Maybe you would like to have it on a glass stand? Or what about a round stove hanging from the wall – or even the ceiling? 

Round shapes

The round fireplace has been created using convection, which ensures that heat rapidly spreads throughout the room. Meanwhile, the side windows allow you get close to the flames.

Circles are a common shape for tables and mirrors, but not for stoves. ME is a beautiful contrast to the rest of the interior, which often consists of straight lines and quadratic shapes. The round stove is easy on the eye, and also does a great job of hiding the ashtray, says Mørk.

– We tried creating an architectonic expression that suits everything from old cabins to brand new apartments in the city. It’s a timeless design, adds co-designer Karoline Sandnes Bommen.

She took inspiration for the glass base from other furniture, and according to Bommen, this is unique to ME

– The glass leads to a lighter form of expression, and almost gives the impression that the combustion chamber is floating in mid-air, says Bommen.

She is quite happy to furnish her home on the basis of the fireplace.

– It is a gathering point and a very important element in the room. This is especially the case here in Scandinavia, where it is chilly for much of the year and we are focused on making it cosy inside.

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