Henley Porto Stove Door

Henley Porto Stove Door


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The Henley Porto stove door is a door which can be added to your standard fireplace to help ensure you get the maximum efficiencies from your current fireplace without the need to install a room heater stove!

The Porto stove door allows you to control the burn rate of your open fire and can be used in conjunction with your current back boiler increasing the output of your back boiler. With the Henley Porto stove door you can trust that all the heat from your fire is being used efficiently!

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Product Description

Henley Porto Stove Door Features

It is believed that up to 80 to 85% of the heat in a room can be lost through an open fireplace.

  • Imagine how much heat you could harness if you could contain it properly.
  • The Porto stove door is a DIY fire front that stops heat escaping up a chimney with a back boiler system.
  • As well as preventing heat loss, the Porto Stove Door will improve the efficiency of your back boiler as well as allowing you to control the burn rate of your open fire.
  • The Porto Door also has the advantage of preventing the unhealthy spillage of smoke into the room when a door or window is opened.
  • When the fire is not lit they reduce the flow of air as the chimney space is covered by the unit itself.It can be fitted into most standard 16’ and 18’ fireplace openings.


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